T.A.G. - Texas Adventure Guild

Texas Adventure Guild:


T.A.G. is a a group of people who want to live life not watch it pass us by.  We are athletes with a soul for adventure. We share experiences and adventures with our guild to help us grow, explore & live.


We hunt, fish, kayak, canoe, run, ruck, race, hike, camp, crossfit & train.  We love the mud, the rain, the river, the dessert, the mountains, the gym our families and God.


Don’t ask us what we do for a living ask us what we do to live, then try and keep up!


You only get out of life what you get out and do!

Comment below and come join us on our adventures in life, we are always looking for a new kind of crazy!



------Currently in need of graphic designer to build a logo to help spread the crazy!--------